Acid bath

Acid Baths

Remove Your Unpleasant Pool Stains Today

An acid bath is typically used to get rid of those hard stains in plaster swimming pools. In this cleaning process, an acid solution is used to strip off the plaster, in turn removing a layer of algae and other contaminants that were polluting the pool and making it look dirty.

Acid baths involve a cleaning process that can be very dangerous task, if not performed correctly. This is why it is better for you to have a highly trained and skilled professional do it for you. At California Chemical of Bakersfield, we will make sure your acid bath is performed safely and correctly so you can get your pool clean and looking beautiful once again!

In the acid bath process, we will:

  • Drain your pool and remove all debris from the bottom
  • Apply a solution of acid and water to of the pool’s surfaces, one section at a time
  • Thoroughly rinse the section of the pool surface that was just acid-washed, section-by-section
  • We will also rebalance the pool once it is filled back up

Contact California Chemical of Bakersfield at 661-379-6520 to find out how an acid bath can improve your pool!